Clare Jensen's Portfolio

Snapbac Campaign and Brand Launch

Professional athletes’ livelihood depends on their performance. So they’re constantly seeking out the best-performing training gear on the market. Even when it doesn't come from their official sponsors. 

To launch Snapbac, the first-ever advanced compression clothing that uses hot and cold therapy, we released a film that “caught” some of the world's best athletes in our new product. Making it unofficially the official best.

Press: Adweek 


Launch Campaign


Brand and Social Photography

In addition to our campaign, we built Snapbac’s entire brand world and created a suite of images to be used across communications online and in print.


E-Commerce Website

Collaborating with a development team, we designed, tested and launched Snapbac’s full e-commence website.


Product Photography

We shot 58 product images for 17 of Snapbac’s product SKUs. For each of their Advance Compression garments, we capture the complete training process, from warm up to work out and recovery.


Brand Assets and Design Language

Using Format