Clare Jensen's Portfolio

Brave and Generous

72U is a 12 week creative residency housed within 72andSunny. 72U is an immersive experience designed to open people up to new ways of thinking, collaborating, and tackling modern communication problems. Participants in the program come from a wide range of backgrounds – web developers, filmmakers, designers, industrial designers, etc.

I participated in 72U during the fall of 2014 with seven other creatives.

Our first day in the program we were tasked with introducing our selves to the agency. After few bottles of whiskey, we stripped down to pour a few gallons of acrylic paint on ourselves to create a poster that embodied a few of 72andSunny's core ideals, bravery and generosity. 

The poster was printed and distributed around the 72andSunny office to promote an 72U agency party. 

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