Brave & Generous | A Welcome Party

72U | 72andSunny 
Role: Design/Art Direction

My role in the project included the design, lettering and branding
… as well as modeling. 

Probably one of the more wild projects I did while in 72U. Our first day in the program we were tasked with introducing our selves to the agency. Five days later with a few bottles of whiskey in hand, we stripped down and adorned on a few gallons acrylic paint to create a poster that embodied a few of 72andSunny's core ideals, bravery and generosity. 
Additionally, we through an agency wide party where we showed a few short films we created and played a few games of flip cup.

Final Poster

Hand drawn stickers for party game

 Behind the Scenes from the poster photoshoot

Behind the Scenes from the poster photoshoot